Shipton Parish Council news

Here are a few updates to things that may (or may not!) be of interest to you.

Environmental initiatives – The Parish Council embarked on its ‘20 Trees for 2020’ programme to plant new trees through the village this year. Look out for them as they appear this autumn on the playing fields, the Wild Garden and the allotments. The new pond area at the allotments is already starting to look a natural part of the setting. A picnic bench has been purchased and will be appearing near the pond when spring arrives. We are also trialling more thoughtful cutting of verges on entering the village to protect habitat whilst still ensuring safety and visibility on the roads.

Playground – This has undergone extensive maintenance and upgrades in the past year to ensure it remains an attractive and safe place for children to play. Look out for more upgrades over the coming months.

The Shipton Court wall – Thankfully the scaffolding was removed quicker than anticipated and the remaining wall has been strengthened and supported. The rebuild of the fallen section lies with the current owner and their representatives and we have no control over how soon that may be completed. Hopefully soon!

Deanfield – This development has all been sold/reserved with the builders due off site by the spring. Welcome to all new residents and we hope you will be happy in your new home and in the Wychwoods.

April-May 2021