An activity that ticks all the right boxes

Hello, my name is Sally Fahey and I am one of the Instructors of the new Martial Arts class which opened at the Tiddy Hall, Ascott under Wychwood, in November.

I first joined the ‘Ladies Only’ Martial Arts class in Lechlade, because I moved from Witney to Lechlade not knowing anyone and thought it would be a good idea to make friends and become a member of the community. I was also unfit and decided this would be a good opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ to get fit and to make new friends.  I have always been quiet and a little bit reserved while growing up, so when I first joined the class, I went straight to the back of the class to try to hide behind the other students.  After just a few weeks, I gained more in confidence and really started to enjoy the class and soon began to train twice a week.  As the weeks/months went on, because there is a grading system and I had passed my grading and started to proceed up the belt structure, I became ‘hooked’ very quickly.  A year after joining the class, I also talked my husband into joining and we joined the family class so we could train together.   He had previously done martial arts classes in his younger days in Liverpool where he grew up and he also had reservations about joining as it is a different form of martial arts but soon became hooked very quickly to a point where we were both training four nights a week.

Since starting our martial arts journey, and joining the instructor team, we love helping out other students and passing on our knowledge and to see their smiling faces leaving the classes at the end of the session, knowing that they have learnt something new and learning a life skill that they can take forward into the adult lives.  Seeing them progress week by week, growing in confidence, makes us very proud to have them in the classes.  We also have a fantastic team behind us who support us and encourage us to develop our students each week to the best they can be.

Not only does martial arts teach children life skills, it also helps them learn discipline, respect, building self-confidence, self-control, anti-obesity and make new friends.  We also teach anti-bullying and stranger danger classes. 

For more information on how to book a free no-obligation trial class, please call Sally Fahey on 07730453172 or book on-line at

April-May 2021