February – March 2020



This issue, the first in our anniversary year – of which, more later, is packed with variety. Nobody can read its pages and feel left out. You will be able to answer these questions: what is it like to be on jury service? What are the habits of a bookworm? How do you get payment from a recalcitrant climber? Why is our tennis club celebrating 2020? Who has joined the volunteers producing our Wychwood Magazine? And what does it take to be awarded a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award? Readers will also be kept guessing as to who is being portrayed in the photos on our centre pages.
But it is not just the tennis club that is celebrating this year. April 1980 saw the production of the first issue of this magazine so we will be 40 years old when our April edition hits the press. No doubt there will be plenty of nostalgia on display in that special edition with memories galore as well as more contemporary features. This would be the ideal time for readers to ensure that they have an annual subscription – details on page four, so that a copy can be delivered to your door throughout the year; celebrate our anniversary with a subscription. You will not regret it!

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

New faces at the Wychwood Magazine
A Fifield mystery
Burford School
Wychwood School
Medical vignette
Wychwood Players
Patient thanks
Chocolate cake
Shipton choir
A three choirs’ festival
Witney mills
Gardening news
Tennis club
Ascott Pre-School
Ash dieback
Farming news
Wychwood weather
Confessions of a bookworm
Jury service
A trip to the beach
Interior design
Our welcoming communities
Book recommendations
Milton parish news
Shipton parish news
Eat out at the Shaven Crown
Supper club
The sequel

The Naylors
Pat Edginton