Fifield rides high

Huge congratulations to The Wychwood Riders, Anabel Scott-Smith with Blue, Robert McWilliam with Cullis and Jane McWilliam with Scooby on their ride to raise money for the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust and Fifield Church. It has been a few years since anyone in this part of the county took part on horseback –a shame because the “Ride” has always referred to horses and ponies as well as bicycles and their ilk – but now The Wychwood Riders have shown the way we hope more will in future. Our riders toured five churches. They received a warm welcome everywhere, meeting friendly hosts at St Mary’s in Shipton-under-Wychwood, the horses enjoyed the carrots at St Nicholas, Idbury and the Riders tried not to get in the way of a beautiful wedding at Milton-under-Wychwood! Grateful thanks to Lucy Maitland Smith for taking splendid photographs – so good they featured in the Witney Gazette. The Wychwood Riders raised a magnificent £3,000 in sponsorship and donations which is divided 50/50 between Fifield Church and the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust.

Meanwhile, in Rome, determined to support the Trust despite being stationed in Europe, Col. David Hannah (who was Brigade Major for the Queen’s Birthday Parade on 2016 and 2017) who cycles between churches when in Fifield, “strode” round Rome and visited over 40 churches in the day – David admits the churches are quite close to each other but, even so it is a very creditable total – congratulations David.

Catherine Hitchens

December 2019-January 2020

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