August – September 2019



If there is one term that links many of the articles in this issue of The Wychwood, it is the term ‘feel-good’. At a time when Brexit, political turmoil and the climate emergency dominate the news headlines, it is good to be reminded that it is not all bad news. Heart-warming stories fill our pages, heart-warming events are scattered throughout. Milton’s fete and the Scarecrow Trail perhaps top the polls but cheerful memories of Shipton’s WI and Ralph Wessel’s follow-up to his account of stamp collecting will bring a smile to every face (perhaps never before has stamp collecting been the subject of such a cheerful article!)
Obituaries surely can’t be called ‘feel-good’ but one reader commented recently that they can open the readers’ eyes to a glorious past that is well worth celebrating.
This issue also sees very welcome contributions from new writers. Christian Collins writes entertainingly about his first visit to The Swan, Angela Proffitt tells of her launch into authorship while Brock Perry and Kim Bradley tell readers that there is more to the dental surgery at Chipping Norton than meets the eye. Inquisitive readers will also be intrigued to read Sandy Scott’s cure for paraquat poisoning!
So here’s a challenge: how do we pass on this feel-good factor that we experience so that people in other communities and indeed other countries can have that same experience?

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Just passing by
News from Milton parish council
News from St Mary’s church
Care for our future
One tasty recipe
On your doorstep: Burford church
On your doorstep: Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate
Wychwood primary school
Challenge at the surgery
John Drew’s Paddocks’ verse
The Wychwood Players
Behind the mask: Aubrey Raye
Shipton WI
Shackleton’s hut
Daylesford farm shop
Photos from Milton fete 2019
The village that smiled
Thanks for the stamps
News from Burford School
The versatile hornbeam
What is strength and balance
The new housing estate in Shipton
Ascott pre-school
Surgery advice
First impressions of The Swan
Blue plaque buildings: the recording studio in Chipping Norton
Witney mills
The things that we miss
Medical vignettes


Frank Ware
Mike Porter