April – May 2019



‘Spring has sprung, the grass is riss, I wonder where the birdies is?’ – so goes the ancient piece of doggerel. And living in such a beautiful part of the country, it is only right that this issue of the Wychwood Magazine should reflect the great outdoors at this time of year. It is simply waiting to be explored and the exploration begins on the pages of this issue.
Shipton’s footpaths are introduced by Rosemary Wilson, with so many clear, well-marked and interesting paths on our doorstep; David Astor helps us to understand the difficulties of tree planting that result from last summer’s heatwave; Jill Mavin explains the joys of owning an allotment, and Liz Scrivener outlines the healthier option!
But if you are interested in other things, John Trevers tells of the joys and travails of amateur sheep rearing while, if you want something completely different, Alan Vickers uncovers the history of baseball in the Cotswolds.
And there’s plenty of space to consider children and young people; John Witts tells readers of the youth club at Wychwood Baptist church while four children at the primary school outline their hobbies, proving that not all children are glued to their screens.
As usual, there really is something for everyone, not forgetting a recipe for leek and walnut quiche which, despite my non-existent cookery skills, I can personally recommend.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

A lifetime in caring
Milton fete
Shipton fair
Rural Oxfordshire Network
Library and book recommendations
Children’s hobbies: stamp collecting
Children’s hobbies: drama
Children’s hobbies: judo
Children’s hobbies: reading
Milton Scarecrow Trail
Wild Garden
Kevin Cambray
Only joking
Shipton bells return
Images from the Wychwood Rock and Pop choir
Shipton footpaths – map and guide
A new direction for Rawlins electrics
The Wychwood Woolly Wonders
Shipton council news
Milton parish news
Milton’s N-Gage youth club
Bruern trees
Burford festival
Burford School news
Logs for sale
Recipe: Walnut & Leek Quiche
The joys of allotmenteering
Farm musings
Friends united
Baseball in the Cotswolds
Wychwood School’s new pitch


Douglas Cunningham
John Hemming