June – July 2018



The Wychwood Magazine has a wide coverage; 1,200 copies are distributed across the area and further afield for postal subscribers. We take an interest in villages close to the Wychwoods including Fifield and Lyneham but the focus of attention tends to be on Milton, Ascott and Shipton. “Which one is the best?” I sometimes hear. Well here’s a few background facts: Ascott has the best folk singing group; Shipton has the best Wild Garden; Milton has the best fete; Milton also has the library and the most shops; Ascott has the finest local history tapestry in the community, although Fifield may well beg to differ; Shipton has the best church choir.

I could go on. Clearly, that opening question has no right answer. All our communities have a great deal to offer to the Wychwoods as a whole. Our strength is in our diversity. Which makes me sad when I hear, admittedly only occasionally, of one or other of our villages being ‘talked down’ for some perceived failing. Everyone has their allegiances but it is together that we thrive, together that we present a positive view of the Wychwoods to outsiders.

So, read on, and enjoy the strength in diversity which our communities have to offer to the Wychwoods.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

The Wild Garden

Origin of local road names

Farming news

Johnny Graham’s panic

Fifield news

The gardeners’ poem

Robin Perry: Wychwood builder

Ruth Gillingham retires from the library

History of The Old Prebendal House

The Bradleys’ sponsored trek

Local runners in the London Marathon

Wychwood Players: Deathtrap

The Cedar of Lebanon

Woodland Trust

Milton parish news

Shipton parish news

How to compose your summer photo

John Hartley’s lifetime in farming

Wychwood Magazine questionnaire analysis

On your doorstep: A Blenheim walk

On your doorstep: The Pantry

Shipton bells

The Paddocks

Wychwood School

Who am I?

See Saw children’s charity

A local bike ride

It takes just an hour

News from the Library Friends Group

How much?


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