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February – March 2018



What is it that makes for an attractive and popular local magazine like ours? On the editorial team, we think we know some of the answers to that question but certainly not all. We have been responsible for the magazine for just one year so now seems like a good time to evaluate the content and appearance of this publication, and for that, we need the help of our readers.

Click on the link in the left-hand panel to find a short questionnaire which gives you the opportunity to say what you think. While we have already decided on the more extensive use of good quality photos and the increasing trend towards articles of interest to our readers in preference to news items that so quickly go out of date, what else should we consider? The ball is in your court.

We are really looking forward to hearing your views. While we often hear comments like, “Oh, I enjoyed the last magazine,” what was it that you enjoyed? What would you like more of or less of? And because we are so keen on receiving your ideas, all completed and returned questionnaires will be put in a hat and the first one out of the hat will receive a £20 Coop voucher. There really is nothing to lose!

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Let’s talk about the weather
Wychwood Library
Wychwood School
Spotlight on Peter’s Panto
Snow business
On your doorstep
A festive bird
A personal journey: Charlee Grimmett
OFTAT – Old Folks Trans African Trip
Readers’ Quiz
The rutting season
The changing of the guard
Time for a bit of P&Q
Winter in the Wychwoods
Burford School
The Wild Garden update
Things that go bump in the night
Thank you
Milton Council news
Shipton Council news
Fifield news
Food for all
Gardening tips for 2018
Matthews’ Mill
Rock and Pop choir
The rowan that twitched
An appreciation of Reverend Kate Stacey
Time for God?
History of the Wychwood Magazine
Hit the ground running in 2018
The Wychwood Project
What, no church?


Betty Dixon
John Burgess
Tony Durston