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December 2016 – January 2017


December arrives with all the bustle of Christmas approaching; what an exciting time it is. Of course Christmas is barely over before we are heading for the excitement of a new year and all that may bring. A quick glance at the Forthcoming Events section will confirm that there is much to look forward to.
Once again we are indebted to so many of our readers who have sent in interesting articles, but do not forget to keep up the momentum even though you may be busy enjoying yourselves. The February/March issue can be challenging as we wonder if we will have enough to fill the pages, so keep the articles coming please.
Knowing how news spreads I am sure many of you know that this is my last issue of The Wychwood, although I have not done very much to produce this excellent read. The honours go to the new team of Bob Forster, Alan Vickers, Glynn and Sarah Allcock. I wish them all the very best and hope that they have as much fun producing the magazine as I have. With my thanks to you all for your support and enthusiasm over the last 14 years. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Christine Halliday, Editor

List of articles

Memories of Christmas past:  Phyllis Clarke looks back to childhood Christmases
I cannot believe it’s Christmas:  Seasonal gardening report from MUWAGA
The Christmas children: Rev Kate Stacey’s Christmas message
Jack Busby 1926-2016:  An obituary
International week:  Global education at Wychwood School
Grown locally, eaten locally:  Farmer Mike Hartley promotes local production
Ascott remembers Reginald Tiddy:  Remembering a local war hero, a hundred years after his death
Easy does it at The Lamb:  Report on The Lamb’s new owners
Cricket:  Report on the 2016 season at Shipton cricket club
Bittersweet:  A Christmas tale by Bob Forster
Tom’s fame:  Tom Gidman hits the heights of his comedy career
Bumblefoot masterclass: Rock legend comes to Shipton
The Seven Letters:  Preview of Jan Harvey’s debut novel
Library:  Recent events at Milton library
The Milton Hare:  Report of a quality review in The Times of this restaurant
Photography:  Launch of a photography club in the Wychwoods
Tennis:  2016 review from the Shipton tennis club
Oggie at ninety: A celebration of Oggie Arathoon’s birthday
The Challenge:  Kate Stacey starts to gear up for the London Marathon
Burford School:  A termly report from the secondary school
Ascott martyrs:  A reminder of the landmark action of these protesters
Goff Bridges 1942-2016:  An obituary
Wychwood Baptist Church: Christmas message from Rev John Witts
Mince pies: How to make bread mince pies
The secret of happiness:  Marion and Tony Clark look back on 60 years of marriage
Christine Halliday:  Long-standing Wychwood Magazine editor hangs up her pen