What next?

At the time of writing, the lockdown is being eased in gradual stages and the pandemic is in retreat.  The danger is by no means past but The Wychwood asked a selection of its readers to name one thing they were looking forward to doing once our lives are back to normal.  Each item on their wish list is followed by their initials so readers may like to guess who said what.  Many thanks to all those readers who contributed to this article.

  • I look forward to having a haircut so that I cease to walk around looking like an unkempt ‘shaggy dog’  JB
  • Linda and I are looking forward to having a meal out without worrying about those around us  TL
  • I’m longing to be able to give my mum and dad a kiss  SM
  • I’m not a fan of virtual meetings and I am really looking forward to getting back to face-to-face meetings, and also the pubs opening  JH
  • I’m looking forward to getting back on the squash court again and giving my friend FM a good beating – actually, and more likely, the other way around.  But frankly, who cares who wins?!  SG
  • It has been a summer without cricket, one of the many insults to the natural order of things, so I’m looking forward to hearing the thwack of bat on ball  GM
  • It will be great when my handicapped sister-in-law can resume her monthly weekends in Shipton as she has missed seeing us very much  BF
  • I can’t wait to stand in Arrivals at Heathrow with open arms to welcome my daughters from California and New Zealand  SO
  • I hope kindness continues to be important  BR
  • My hair has grown to about the length it was in the sixties which doesn’t look quite as good on someone in their seventies, but as soon as I am allowed to, I will join friends in The Hare for a couple of pints  DA
  • I’m very much looking forward to getting out in our ‘van, not for a holiday but for the adventure of not knowing what’s around the next corner  RW
  • I’ve got two: firstly, to be able to cuddle my grandchildren again and have them in my home playing games and eating cake; secondly, for life at Wychwood Primary School to get back to normal and see all the children meeting up with their friends and teachers  JH
  • Once this virus has been beaten, we are hoping folk return to watch some fantastic music at Tiddy Hall  MP
  • Embarrassing my teenage grandsons with big cuddles and sloppy kisses  CH
  • Looking forward to handing over properly to my lovely successor at Day Centre  KG
  • Lunch outside on a fine day and walking 10,000 steps  JP
  • I’m so looking forward to one evening not  having to plan or cook a meal, to eat with friends instead, and to get back on the tennis court to play a non-socially distanced game  AH
  • When this is all over, I hope we continue to use our local businesses who have looked after us wonderfully well  LD
  • Looking forward to getting out and about with the photo group – the garden flowers have been photographed to death!  RD
  • Being someone who is passionate about cars, I am looking forward to getting back on track and doing some proper testing, whilst also preparing for a manic 15 week condensed British Touring Car Championship.  I will, however, never lose sight of what the  weather is dong in the Wychwoods  JM
  • I want to see our wonderful village hall open again for circuits, Pilates, WI meetings and the like  JM (different JM!)

August – September 2020