farmedFor the past couple of years, work has been going on above Shipton on the A361, transforming the land beyond the Lyneham/Kingham turning, but what is it all about?  Ian Wilkinson takes up the story. 

After months of careful planning and preparation, work began last year on the construction of FarmED, the Centre for Farm and Food education at Honeydale Farm. Since the education building and conference space were completed in the autumn, we’ve hosted various organisations, including the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, Evenlode Catchment Partnership and Agricology, as well as a group of agricultural academics from Finland. 

We are also very keen to engage with our local community and to welcome people who live and work in and around the Wychwood area. Many of you might well have already been to Honeydale to help with tree planting, but if you’ve been watching the developments here with interest, and waiting for a chance to come and have a look around the new FarmED buildings as they near completion, there’s a variety of exciting, stimulating and enjoyable farming and food related events coming up over the next few months. 

ORFC in the Field 

Building on the sessions from this year’s Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC), this inaugural event, organised by the ORFC and FarmED teams, will dive deeper into the practical application of agroecology and regenerative agricultural techniques. 

The two day programme will be hosted by FarmED and curated by leading practitioners. Participants will be able to choose from a number of field-based workshops including beekeeping, building and monitoring soil health, agroforestry design and growing, harvesting and utilising heritage grains.

Pop-Up Events 

There will also be a series of seasonal pop-up events and farm walks throughout the year when you’ll be able to hear all about regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems before enjoying a tasty, nutritious and locally produced seasonal-themed meal. 

To find out more about our events, or to book a ticket, check out the new Events page of our website.

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August – September 2020