Reflections from Fifield

  • Finding nothing odd about putting a package on someone’s doorstep, ringing the bell and then dashing backwards at top speed in case they open the door too quickly and you find yourself too close.
  • Shopping for other people and realising your list is completely inadequate and what do they mean by ‘washing machine sachets, not tablets’ and anyway which brand of the several dozen do they want?
  • Trying to join your first Zoom meeting, and sitting for 10 minutes while the little clock thing whizzes round and says the meeting has not yet started when it has, and you have missed all the introductions and instructions about how to take part.
  • Seeing the backdrop to other people’s homes on Zoom meetings and wishing you had had the forethought to shut the kitchen door in your own home to hide the basket of ironing which shows very clearly in your own screen.  After the meeting wondering what others made of the view through the window behind you – which you realise for the first time appears to be a whole galaxy of wheelie bins.
  • Wondering what on earth to put in the parish newsletter when there have been none of the usual social activities to report.
  • Agreeing fervently with everyone how good it will be to get back to normal while resolving privately to stay away from people for as long as possible.

Catherine Hitchens

August – September 2020

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