Scouting under lockdown

scoutinginlockdownNormal Scouting at 1st Wychwoods came to a screeching halt with the rest of the country in mid- March. All those ambitious outdoor plans were put on hold.

But we are positive people and within a matter of days, we were re-connecting via our private Facebook page, working on badges at home, sharing tips, ideas and fun stuff to keep the spirit of scouting going.

The Scout Association launched ‘the great indoors’ campaign to huge success, with over 100 ideas to keep children engaged and active whilst at home, and we added to this with our own challenges and competitions – everything from first aid and bug hunts to photo competitions and cooking skills.

A world record ‘camp at home’ event was organised and very quickly treehouses were fixed up, tents erected in gardens or kitchens and bedsheets thrown over dining tables – anywhere to roll out a sleeping bag, and enjoy the spirit of camping – with whole families joining in the fun.

Roll on the day when we can sit together round a campfire again.

Jonathan Ayres
1st Wychwoods Cub Scouts

August – September 2020

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