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paulandjanWhen you have lived somewhere for 23 years it is hard to move on to a new area, but that is what Jan Harvey and Paul Chantry decided to do. They have both contributed enormously to village life and will be missed by many.

Jan is a lady of many talents, well known for her art work. We will miss being invited into her studio for the annual Art Weeks event. Jan has also had two novels published recently. When a new editorial team took over the production of The Wychwood Magazine in 2002, it was Jan’s experience in publishing that started the transformation into what we have now. Jan showed us how to set the pages, and sent us out to interview readers and to gather stories to fill the magazine. Without her help the magazine would surely have foundered.

Paul has also contributed to village life in his quiet, efficient manner. In 2007/8 he and Alan Vickers set up the Shipton Volunteers group, which has made such a difference to the appearance of our roads, footpaths and open spaces. Jan used her talents designing the badge on the volunteers’ sweatshirts.

Over the last 10 years Paul has been chairman of the New Beaconsfield Hall committee, running meetings and ensuring that the hall has been kept in tip-top condition. He was never afraid of getting on with any job that needed doing.  Paul is a staunch supporter of Gloucester Rugby Club, and along with Brian Young and James Walmsley went along to most of their home games. 

We will miss them for their friendship, and thank them for all they have done here during the last 23 years. We wish them every happiness as they settle into their new life in Sussex.

Christine Halliday

August – September 2020

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