The new face of school

wychwoodschoolLockdown changed in school from 1st June when Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children were allowed to go back to school along with Key Worker children in classes of no more than 15.  It was interesting a couple of weeks in when we tried to do an online assembly, that some children suddenly realised there were other children in the school!  There were two thirds of children at home, their parents continuing in their role as home educators. Home learning was supported by school with on-line resources. These developed over the weeks and provided a wide range of lessons and ideas for extra curriculum activities that could be enjoyed.  We telephoned the families to make sure they were okay and to offer any further assistance if they needed it.  Through a grant from Liz Leffman’s Councillor Priority Fund, we were able to purchase five iPads for families who did not have the technology. 

But the time spent at home was not all about lessons.  So many other varied activities including cooking and gardening were enjoyed by many. There was also a lot of fundraising and support for the NHS and other organisations.  Children painted pictures and sold them, and took part in their own personal challenges, running the length of a marathon or going back and forth over monkey bars 100 times.  Then there was a triathlon of a 2.6 mile run, followed by a 2.6 mile bike ride and 26 forward rolls on the trampoline! One family made a ‘Box of Hugs’ to send to Tall Trees Care Home. They wrote a note for each of the 38 residents and made a poster for the carers there.  And having a 3D printer in the home, headband pieces were printed, which were sent off to fit onto the visors of health workers.  Well done to everyone who did such activities.

Transition into school for children joining us in September has taken a great deal of thought as to how we can give them all the information and support they need.  For the little ones there is a video of the classrooms and introductions from the staff. Short visits, following social distancing guidelines, have taken place.  Families looking to move to the area have had individual tours when the school is empty of children.   Year 6 children will be moving onto their secondary schools.  A lot of information has been sent home, but it is not the same as having their induction days.  We wish them all well, as they take a bit bigger step than normal into the next stage of their education.

Julie Hemming

August – September 2020

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