Tribute to Steve Biles 1947-2020

stephenbilesfinalSteve was born at home in Black Bourton on 21st February 1947, the year of the great snow. He was born at 5.30 a.m., one of three triplets, but as no ambulance could reach the house, the other two babies died.  Steve survived at just two and a half pounds weight, and when he did eventually reach the hospital, he was kept there for six months.  He had two more brothers, Mick and Arthur, both now deceased.  Surprisingly, Steve has always been a very strong fellow, rarely ever ill.

We met each other at the Spotlight Club on the Brize Norton base, in 1972.  He told his mate, “I’m going to marry that girl” – his mate said, “No chance.”  The rest was history as we married a year later.  In the years that followed we had two boys, Robert and, five years later, Jamie. 

Steve was a hard worker and provided us with a fairly stable life, apart from occasional redundancy, but he always found another job.  We never had a luxurious life.  He loved fishing, while football was a very important part of his life, especially scoring goals!  Sometimes six or eight was not uncommon.  Camping and caravan holidays were most enjoyable and as Steve could be clumsy, there were always lots of laughs as all of our friends would agree.

When Steve reached sixty, he was made redundant from a job he loved; it crippled him.  He went downhill over a few years and was diagnosed with Picks FTD, a form of dementia.  I looked after him for ten years.  Steve and I survived these years thanks to our many family and friends, who have been a real blessing to us.

We had lots of lovely carers to help us.  We couldn’t have managed without them.  When I couldn’t cope any more, he went into Coxwell Nursing Home in Faringdon last July.  He settled really well but his health deteriorated after Christmas.  Despite this, he still remembered me and said “I love you, darling,” over and over.

Sadly he has now passed, very peacefully.  We still miss his laughter very much.  

Elaine Biles

August – September 2020

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