Lockdown miscellany

  • Diaries became redundant
  • Petrol prices plummeted
  • Nobody noticed that petrol prices had plummeted because nobody drove very far.
  • Residential streets were full of parked cars because everyone stayed at home.
  • How would lockdown have been different if it had happened in the winter?
  • One lady compiled a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings that contained items of good news that occurred during the lockdown.
  • It appeared that call centres had gone into furlough so every time the phone rang, we welcomed answering it.
  • Why do cycling parents provide helmets for their children but often not for themselves?
  • That phrase ‘I’ve got a slot!’ became a source of great joy.
  • Cash went a long way as it seemed to be the forgotten currency.
  • Imperceptibly, everyone grew hairier during the lockdown.
  • The distinction between weekdays and weekends, once so important to our lifestyles, became almost insignificant.

June – July 2020