Olives – grown in Shipton

A burst of early spring sunshine has inspired Camilla and Hamish Harvey to break out of enforced isolation to harvest a bounteous crop of olives here in the village. The tree yielding nature’s gift is owned by Janet and Colin Warwick at The Old Bakehouse, Upper High Street in Shipton. They are pleased to see local produce put to good use. We should add that no humans were harmed making this snippet!

Camilla will soak the olives in brine, changing the solution from time to time, and adding a touch of olive oil, whence they shall be ready for eating.

Olives are usually harvested in late autumn, but this tree is in a very sheltered and sunny spot, and the olives have miraculously survived a thoroughly wet though mild winter.  And the best news of all: that one tree yielded 14 lbs of olives!

Colin Warwick

June – July 2020