Milton parish council news

Along with the last delivery of the Wychwood Magazine, the Milton Parish Council Newsletter was another casualty of Covid 19, but we’ve not been standing still.

The PC wanted to support the village in the unfolding crisis and so we felt the best option was to set up a Village Support Network. In its simplest form we wanted to ask neighbours to look after neighbours; we wanted to provide everyone with, what was then, the latest information and where no help was forthcoming, we wanted to provide an emergency phone number for them to call.

The PC liaised with our local doctors and the pharmacy and working with the local churches the scheme was born. The pharmacy and surgery would keep us up to date on medical advice and those who needed help with prescriptions. The clergy and counsellors would be on the end of a phone to talk to worried villagers and pass on information to the PC and their volunteers if any shopping or prescription collection was needed by those who were self isolating or shielding.

To communicate the scheme we designed and printed a leaflet. One side had the information, the other a ‘help needed’ and a ‘self isolation’ poster that could be displayed in a window for others to see.

Within three to four days the scheme was up and running in Milton. To date, I’m not aware of too many calls to the pastoral team for help but I know there has been a lot of neighbourly help. We have had a few requests for prescription collection and a few for shopping. Very similar schemes are operating well in Shipton and Ascott.

Thankfully the Wychwoods have been relatively unaffected but at least we have a plan in place should the need arise.

Chris Trotman


June – July 2020