Lockdown – view from the Hanney children

hanneykids01Three children from the Hanney family tell of happy days in lockdown

A note from Arthur 

It took us a bit of getting used to! Not rushing in the morning to catch my school bus to Burford, leaving the house at quarter-to-eight. Instead, I started enjoying having lie-ins with nice steady breakfasts. And yet, I had to start school work straight after PE with Joe at nine-thirty. What a challenge to look at all the set work my teachers sent me! At the start, I was thinking two weeks to go until Easter break. Eventually, I somehow got into a work routine. On the bright side, I could access my tablet and phone throughout the day (sometimes pretending to use it for my school work!). I am now enjoying my freedom going to the river, making dens in our local wood, climbing trees, cycling and camping at home. Finally, I have had more opportunities to have late night walks, star-gazing, catching sight of meteorite showers, observing bats and listening for owls in the field.

A note from Margaux

I really enjoyed spending more time at home, doing more of the things I love (painting – NHS rainbows, colouring, cooking, sewing, crafting, reading, writing and riding my bike). We were looking forward to our clapping for the NHS on Thursdays and dancing in the square on Sundays to celebrate children adapting well to being full-time at home. I joined my brothers in the river with my waders, made some daisy necklaces and prepared many picnics with Mum. I loved Arthur showing me the stars while camping in the garden on school nights.

A note from George 

I loved my own Lego challenge every day with Margaux joining me at times, leaving it all over the house. I enjoyed our river trips with my new waders, catching a fish with Arthur but also getting wet as I loved sitting in the river! I started a daily routine on the trampoline (front flips etc) together with a press-ups challenge. Finally, I liked the freedom to jump in the paddling pool and camp in the garden anytime we wanted, no school to go to. Finally, I enjoyed receiving mails from my friends and talking to them via Zoom. It was so cool and fun! Just like being with my friends!

June – July 2020