Lockdown – view from a Wychwood Baptist

johnwittsJohn Witts, gives Wychwood Baptist’s perspective.

As with the Benefice, COVID-19 has impacted how WBC operates, and we are similarly providing services and activities on Zoom, as well as practical support for the community, some as part of the wider Parish Council initiative.

It’s sad not to meet physically, but we’re replicating what we can over Zoom.  There are still fun and games on offer at ‘Zoom’ Youth Club – which we’ve been told has been a great support to our teenagers as they struggle with missing their friends.  Oh, and it has the added benefit that I can now mute them all at the push of a button!  Yes, Zoom is a poor substitute for physically being together, but it has been a valuable tool during the lockdown.  It also works well with our regular style of Sunday service, which is quite interactive.  For those not online we provide written resources.  We’re also on the phone, checking in on one another.

Practically, in addition to supporting those self-isolating, or vulnerable, we continue to provide Foodbank support – do get in touch if you have a need, or can donate some food.  We are here to provide whatever support we can – even if you just need to talk.

June – July 2020