Lockdown – a vicar’s perspective

geoffreyclemensGeoffrey Clement, gives a vicar’s perspective.

The current situation means that the Church has had to rethink how it functions; things have had to change!  At first, I was left thinking “What do I do now?” All the usual activities had suddenly been ruled out. No meetings, no visiting, no church services, no coffee mornings, no prayer meetings. If I couldn’t do any of the above what was left for me to do?

Thankfully Zoom – online conferencing came to the rescue. Through the joys of modern technology, I discovered that the life of the Church could continue. Quickly I discovered that I could now do most of the above activities by on-line video conferencing.  I am now just as busy as usual, but busy doing different things; shopping for others, collecting prescriptions and meeting far more people than usual out walking with our dogs.

Some things have been very difficult to cope with. Weddings postponed; I cannot go into the church to say my prayers; the loss of Sunday services. Perhaps saddest of all, funerals have been turned into something almost unrecognisable, with only a minimal number of mourners in attendance.

Life for all of us has been turned upside down and on reflection there have been both positive and negative aspects to this. From my perspective it will be interesting to see how the Church functions in the future and just how much of the new reality we will take with us.

June – July 2020