Lockdown – a teacher and mother’s view

diloaderDee Loder, local teacher and mother, looks back at her experiences during lockdown

I have lived in the village for almost 10 years and worked at Wychwood school as Deputy Head for six of those years. With the news of Covid-19 in March, it has been a very strange and almost surreal time at the school for the past couple of months. With the closure of schools for most children, our focus has turned to creating work that all children can access at home, as well as supporting the children who are still attending school. A highlight for me personally, has been ringing parents to speak to them and their children to find out how they are and what they had been up to. I think the biggest reassurance parents needed was that they could not replicate school and that it was home learning not home schooling. After a few phone calls, it was apparent that although we are all in the same storm, people are sailing in many different vessels! It was lovely to hear from the children about activities they had been up to; painting, baking, building treehouses, lots of gardening and learning to ride bikes were some of the activities mentioned.

Thinking about positives during this terrible time, for me personally, it has brought my family closer together. With a husband as a chef, family days were few and far between but since lockdown we have enjoyed spending quality time together! It’s been tricky trying to explain to a toddler and a four year old why they can’t go to see their grandparents or friends but every day I wake up feeling thankful for living in such a beautiful area with such a caring community!

June – July 2020