News from Fifield

There was never any doubt that Fifield would rise to the occasion during the lock-down.  Its very isolation has always made it self-reliant – it was almost as if the deep snows of some recent winters had been mere rehearsals for the present circumstances.

Almost before the lockdown was announced, information was circulated, arrangements made for collections of repeat prescriptions and shopping help arranged with a Whats App set up for those with the facility to maintain social contact within the guidelines for social distancing.

The Hall may be closed for activities, but Pilates classes continue via video links, the Post Office is still open every Thursday from 2 to 4p.m. offering all its usual services plus access to Fifield’s small library in the Parish Hall, and if the planned summer events cannot take place, there is every hope that the usual autumn and winter ones will.  In the meanwhile,  helpful information has come in from many directions, not least from Christopher Tancock’s Pint of Life.  All those who attended his First Aid class in Fifield last summer will recall we planned to ask him back this summer to give a class specifically for young children and babies.  While that cannot take place at the moment, Christopher has been busy making helpful first aid videos to show anyone interested how they can identify and treat different conditions.  The videos also demonstrate various first aid techniques and equipment. Christopher is happy for these videos to be shared and used as much as we like.  He has kindly sent the online link so that anyone who wishes can follow a course:

Catherine Hitchens

June – July 2020