A hair raising story

This item appeared in our first issue, April/May 1981. 

A visitor to Shipton last summer was a lady from Australia whose childhood was spent at The Buildings, Burford Road.  Born Edith Dale, she became Mrs Evans (her husband played soccer for Wolverhampton Wanderers) and they emigrated to Australia where they ran a very successful catering business.

Sometime after Mr Evans had died, she retired from business and in 1977, finding time on her hands, she remembered an episode in her youth in Milton when, at the age of 16, she had become completely bald after a bout of ‘flu. A gypsy encamped nearby persuaded her mother to use a lotion compounded of 16 herbs from their garden and the surrounding countryside, which he showed them how to brew and, after six weeks’ treatment, she again had a healthy head of hair. Mrs Evans started to experiment with the Romany brew on her kitchen stove and, after having tried it out successfully with several friends, she found that demand grew to such an extent that she was unable to cope with the quantities needed. She finally sold the worldwide rights to manufacture and market “The Original Ma Evans Herbal Hair Tonic” to an Australian company for more than 1 million dollars.

Mrs Evans, now Mrs Davidson, is still actively engaged in the business, promoting sales worldwide and appearing on TV and radio in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, the Far East and of course Australia.

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