Exercise during lockdown

The lockdown gave many people a fresh appreciation of exercise.  Perhaps it was more about freedom than appreciation, but whatever it was, exercise was taken seriously.  Walkers often came with small backpacks, determined to do it properly.  This was no amble.  It was a proper walk.  Few of these walkers were glued to mobile phones and few had their ears covered with what so often look like small cushions overarched with a funereal Alice band.  This was serious.  Others ran or jogged.  Many cycled.  One regular rider was just completing the long climb from Bourton-on-the-Water to Clapton-on-the-Hill when he came across a young woman bent almost double at the side of the road; it had clearly left her short of puff on her roller skates!

Whatever the form of exercise in what were prevailingly springtime conditions, it remains to be seen if such exercise brings long-term benefits in fitness levels and, indeed, enthusiasm for exercise itself.

June – July 2020