The Gnomerunner heads up the garden path – again and again!

lockeddownmarathon01On what should have been London Marathon day, local gnome, Adam Smith, once again took up the fundraising gauntlet to run a full 26.2 mile lockdown marathon along his driveway and garden – about 500 laps (including a step!).

Although used to running the odd marathon or two, there is no way Adam could prepare for the constant turning, the relentless repetition and the lack of rhythm that comes with this kind of undertaking. And temperatures of over 20 degrees added an extra challenge!

But undaunted, he set up his feed station (lots of cake and jelly babies) at the end of the garden and at 10am, off he went to the sounds of “Eye of the Tiger”.

“It was fun for the first 2 hours,” he said. But …

…… with a total running time of over 6 hours, that left him 4 hours of pain, sweat and tears. By mile 20 he was feeling constantly nauseous and several times he doubted if he could complete the full distance. So what kept him going?

The answer is simple. Our community. We were overwhelmed by the level of support he received – from our incredible neighbours who provided music, banners, entertainment (a life-size cut out of Harry Styles, and posters of the London landmarks to name but a few) and food (scones, champagne and beer!) – to the visitors from far and wide (cyclists from Burford, the local police, people out on their daily exercise) who stopped to cheer him on. It really was quite incredible and we were very moved. The bucket on the gate alone raised over £250, and added to his online donations, he is on target to raise nearly £3,000.

Adam fundraises for Muscular Dystrophy UK. Having lost his mum and uncle to this muscle wasting condition, he now helps care for his brother, Doug (also living in Milton), who lives with disabilities caused by Muscular Dystrophy. Like all charities, MDUK are really struggling during lockdown with huge amounts of revenue lost following the cancellation of most of their fundraising events. If the charity goes, so will all the invaluable support it provides for MD sufferers and their families.

So a massive thank you to the Wychwoods. What a remarkable community we are.

Donations can still be made online at

Cath Smith

June – July 2020