Brock’s health warning

Did you know that LED night lighting can damage the retina and promote macular degeneration, particularly in the over 50s? I am referring specifically to the standard issue super-bright LED security and general building lights and, of course, modern car lighting.

As well as destroying the ambience of the villages and keeping birds and animals awake at night, over-bright and over-white lights dazzle and easily pass through human and animal eyes, which are unable to filter light down to a safe level at the shorter wavelength end of the spectrum. Specifying/buying warm white LED lighting at 2700k which gives much better night-time ambience, is almost no threat to the eyes, and has no harmful effect on our wildlife. Regarding car headlights, may I encourage all drivers to consider using yellow driving glasses or clip-ons at night and, particularly for the older folks amongst us, to speak to their optician about this ever-growing problem.

So, please consider using warm white lights, point them properly downward, use shades on them to avoid glare, and don’t have them on all night long!

Brock Perry

April – May 2020