Tennis memories

In the last issue, Anita Hollingdale wrote about the 70 year history of Shipton tennis club. This prompted one of our older subscribers, Phyllis Clarke, to write in with her own memories of the club:

My friend and neighbour, Brenda, and I played many a happy game on the grass courts of Holmwood grounds when we were in our early teens. I continued to play on the new tarmac courts, which I always found good fun – very fast and you could be very accurate, not worrying about the uneven grass surface. Sometime around the 1960s, six or so senior members, Mr and Mrs Gordon Carpenter and Mrs Arundall among them, were able to attend classes which enabled them to teach us youngsters the main rudiments of tennis, holding the racquet properly for the different strokes, serving, forehand, backhand etc. I played in many area competitions which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It was good to read that the club is still doing well and is well supported after all these years.

April – May 2020