Shipton Church: an update

Over a year after a timber fell from the roof, alerting us that all was not well with the structure, Shipton church is still full of expensive scaffolding. We hope to start fixing the central section of roof as soon as possible, but there are still some logistics to be sorted out first.

We now have a longer term three-phase plan: the first is the central roof, which will cost in the order of £300,000 to fix; the second is the roof over the south aisle, which will cost a similar amount; the third will be when we can finally move forward with improvements to heating, toilets and kitchen facilities. Overall we need to raise about £905,000 – £1,000 for every year of the church’s life to date.

We will apply for grants to help with the funding, but also hope that the village will continue to support us. Do please come to our fundraising events, and if you can offer any donation of time, energy or money towards our appeal – or with on-going maintenance of this historic building – please contact James Walmsley, Churchwarden ( or 01993 830842).

April – May 2020