The sequel

In our last issue, Swedish correspondent, Lars Legs, reported on three elderly and distinctly scrawny runners from Shipton, dubbed The Three Musclelessteers, who were continuing their battle against the ageing process. One of them had his 69th birthday just before Christmas and, perhaps by way of celebration, decided to go for a run on Boxing Day. This wasn’t necessarily a good idea. It was cold. It was raining. He hadn’t run for at least six weeks because of injury (don’t ask). Struggling to get up to 5mph on the way back towards Judd’s Grave, and with all the grace of a hamstrung hippo, he heard a car slowing behind him. The window was down.

“Excuse me, mate. Are you OK?” asked the worried driver.

“Fine,” replied our decrepit hero, “just old.”

Maybe, just maybe, this encounter will prompt our withered pensioner to finally act his age!

February – March 2020