Shipton parish council news

Although we are now firmly into the New Year, we would like to thank everyone who attended the Christmas Carols on the Green on Christmas Eve for their support and generosity. We managed to raise well over £400 which has now been donated to the Shipton Citizens Advice Bureau, a free service that provides help and assistance to local people and operates out of The Wychwood Surgery.

On a different matter, everyone will be well aware of the large section of Shipton Court wall which fell down just prior to Christmas. The Parish Council had become increasingly concerned about the state of the wall in the months leading to its collapse and had made representations to the owners regarding its condition, as well as to the County Council to request some expert opinion. The general expectation is that the wall will take quite some time to be rebuilt but rest assured that the PC will be pressing all interested parties to reach a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible.

February – March 2020