Milton parish news

The collapsed wall in Shipton is a timely reminder of what nature can do, especially with all the rain we have had through the autumn and winter. The good news is that we have now agreed a price and a contractor to rebuild the boundary wall at St Simon and St Jude’s Church. Work will start in the spring and will be project managed by a local architect who specializes in this sort of undertaking. The cost of the project has risen since it was first proposed and, partly as a consequence of this, it was agreed at the November meeting to keep the Precept at the same level next year.

Our online survey is now complete to find out what additional facilities villagers would like to see on the village green once our S106 money arrives. Top of the list was additional seating, closely followed by more bins, a shelter with seating, and additional equipment. We will soon have a meeting with equipment providers to see how best to spend the money.

Wychwood Primary School needs a crossing patrol person for 7½ hrs per week during term time. If you would like to earn some money whilst doing this very worthwhile job for our community, please contact Sian Gibbons at Oxfordshire County Council for full details. Her phone number is 07867 67779 or email:

Finally, all the councillor posts will be up for election later this year, so if you want to get involved more closely in village life, please put your name forward when details are issued.

February – March 2020