Confessions of a bookworm

lindalewisI have been spotted in the library by the editor of this magazine, desperately trying to squeeze my numerous books into the small opening of the self-checkout machine. When asked ‘why so many?’ I admitted that I find books irresistible and now have to prove myself not to be a lonely deranged soul.

Having spent the first ten years of my life in the bookless desert of a Lincolnshire village we moved to the grand metropolis of Skegness and my first library. What bliss. The joy of sitting in the children’s section reading through any number of books. I whiled away many hours there in the silence.

Moving on many years and by now living in Moscow, finding that no one was willing to run the Embassy library as it was unpaid, I discovered that there was money to have three to seven books sent through the diplomatic bag each month. Free reading material of my choice and the role was mine – and the books never made it into the library until they had been personally vetted.

Now I am here in Milton and very much stuck into my book ‘comfort zone’. Books galore! I am pleased to say the library also proved its worth when I was child-minding our granddaughter three days a week. A trip to the warmth and comfort of the library was a treat. The books proved of little interest to the granddaughter but moving the chairs in the children’s section was irresistible. I meanwhile needed the Book Club to provide new stimulus. Many of the books sent to our group are not my style, some I cannot bring myself to read, but occasionally it comes good and provides a book that l would never have chosen but have loved. Even at an advanced age, there is room for something new.

We are also blessed with a librarian who seems to know every book in the library and keeps me on my toes by quizzing me as to my thoughts on certain titles. She continues to lead me astray by showing me books which others have recommended or, joy of joy, are new. The personal touch is wonderful but only adds to my problem – more books to take out. Being forced out of my comfort zone should be a relief to Tony. I am a murder mystery fan and a poor sleeper so I read a lot in the twilight hours and he snores for England! A few romances and happy family tales can only improve our relationship.

So, that is it in a nutshell. I will continue to visit the library taking out my pile of books
which my faithful packhorse manfully carries home. I look forward to seeing you there.

Linda Lewis

February – March 2020