Hugely appreciated

Great thanks are due to the few who help the infirm. Let me explain. The car has gone, so has the eyesight, but in their place is the pain and the bits that fall off (if you can remember where from) and the fear and dread when the doctor says, “l want you to go and have an X-ray” or “You will need a visit to the JR.”

How do l, or all the other patients, manage it? We in the Wychwoods are so fortunate for we have the few, the selfless ones, who give their time and skill in driving us to Oxford, Banbury and Chippy hospitals, plus the temperament to wait around until the deed has been done. There is the knowledge in taking us to the right place when we just say “Haematology department”, and they do not mind pushing the wheelchair.

Thank you to the few. You are hugely appreciated, respected and needed, and sometimes it is difficult to say just how much you make our lives more comfortable.

Tony Parsons

February – March 2020