December 2019 – January 2020



The last issue of the Wychwood felt quite special to me; why was that? It had the normal quota of interesting local items and news, but what made it special was that not one of the main articles was written by a member of the editorial team. The October/November issue was entirely filled with articles written by our readers. Without that input, where would we be? I just feel immensely grateful that so many readers are prepared to put pen to paper – well, something like that, for the sake of promoting our community; THANK YOU.
That was last time. This time, again, our readers have done us proud. Christmas content fills several pages with Mike Hartley telling us about the turkey trade, Phyllis Clarke reminding us about what Christmas was like for a child in the 50s and Christine Halliday recalling the early days of the Shipton W.I. pantomimes, penguins and all!
But it’s not all Christmas. This issue contains information about the huge range of communal activities that are taking place, everything from Lego clubs to philosophy clubs, from the new craft café to Messy church. There really is no reason for anyone to feel left out in such a vibrant community.
On behalf of the whole magazine production and support team, I wish you a very joyful and peaceful Christmas.

Bob Forster, Editor

List of articles

Christmas is for turkeys
The well-seasoned gardener
Wychwood Primary School
Milton parish council news
Shipton parish council news
Good Companions farewell
News from Fifield
Fish on your doorstep plus a delicious fish recipe
A child’s Christmas
Victorian history of the Wychwoods
Cricket club report for 2019
Burford School
Ascott Martyrs’ plaques
The Wild Garden – an invitation
A 2019 summer concert, with snags!
Shipton W.I. pantomimes
The nativity play
Lady Reade Foundation
The mutant mice: a bedtime story
Christmas cheer
Library report
Ascott pre-school
Changes to the local bus service
Thank you
Stars light the skies
Shared lives
The Wychwood Circle
Shipton church repairs
Messy church
Tarka the otter
Sandy Scott’s medical vignette
Wychwood Art Group
A handy tip
Craft café
Groaning names
The three musclelessteers

Marie Moss
Reuben Wilsher