Stars light the skies

saplings02 - CopyThe Wychwood Saplings and BODS( Branching Out Drama Society) worked throughout the summer holidays to perform ‘A Summer Showcase’ for family, friends and supporters. The audience eagerly waited to see just what the children, some as young as seven, have accomplished.

We were not disappointed as the children performed a varied programme of singing, dancing, musical solos, gymnastics and even card tricks from the wandering magician. If the children want to do it they are helped and encouraged by their leaders, Mandyrae Jessey, Lizzie Large and Kirsty Plant. No-one is ever put off by being told ‘No, that won’t work’. They are encouraged to give it a try. One very moving moment came when the children sang ‘Peace by Piece’ and accompanied themselves by signing the words to show a skill that not many of us have ever learnt.

After the refreshment break we were moved to another world as the company gave us their impressions of the moon landing. It was interesting to see it through the eyes of children who have grown up knowing that the moon is just another destination. How different from those of us who were around 50 years ago and remember the excitement of seeing those grainy TV pictures of the first astronauts to land on the moon.

The colourful ‘Teabag Dance’ was performed by the three leaders, dressed up as they once were many years ago! But the show was not quite finished yet as they ended with ‘Everyone Belongs’ reminding us that everyone should be valued for what they are and we are all equal.

Thank you to all who helped put the show on, from the children to the adults who help them fulfil their dreams. If you see a poster or hear a whisper announcing their next performance do go along and watch it. You will be amazed at how talented and accomplished are The Wychwood Saplings and The Bods.

Christine Halliday

December 2019-January 2020

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