Cricket Club report, 2019

The seniors went into the season with four new team captains knowing, for the 1st & 2nd XIs at least, it would be a year of rebuilding around a core of younger players. Both teams played some fine cricket, but consistency was a major problem, as was the availability of key players. Calum Taylor lead the 1sts in Div 1 of the Cherwell League and, after a gallant fight, they were ultimately relegated. The 2nds comfortably held their own in Div 5.

The 3rds began the season with 4 straight wins. Then, as their key performers were pushed into the higher teams, they too struggled before finishing happily mid-table in Div 8.

For the 4th team in Div 10, captained by ‘yours truly’, the focus was, as always, on giving our most promising young cricketers the chance to play their first senior cricket, as well as allowing us more mature players to keep playing the game they love. A key objective is to get a team out every week, and in this, we were spectacularly successful, allowing the club to put out 72 teams across four divisions over 18 weeks.

I’m sure all Wychwood residents, cricketers or not, enjoy the view of our lovely old pavilion from across the hallowed turf, or the Avenue of the Wild Garden, it’s one of the glories of our villages. So, we’re delighted to be the very grateful recipient of a grant administered by the parish council from the new Deansfield development. We will use it to restore and improve this venerable friend, with new changing facilities for women cricketers and better storage for equipment for our many young cricketers.

Finally, next season may seem a long way off but I appeal to all cricketers, and prospective cricketers, not to hide their whites behind the Christmas decorations when putting them back in the loft, because indoor winter nets start in mid-January. If you’re interested in joining us, or would like to be a part of the cricket club in any way, email me at:

Graham Nelson

At the start of the year Jon Woods stepped into my old role as head youth coach, he writes:

The Junior season began in late April with our now legendary Friday evening training sessions that offer year group coaching for children in school years 2 to 6. This proved very popular with children and parents alike and regularly attracted upwards of 80 players.

Our U13, U15 and U17 squads were equally popular. These squads take part in Oxfordshire Cricket League competitions, with the U15s winning their league. Ten Shipton youth cricketers played representative cricket for Oxfordshire in year groups U12 to U17.

A big thank you goes to our dedicated team of volunteer coaches and helpers from across the club who make it possible for us to offer such a comprehensive and inclusive youth cricket programme.

If you’re interested in your children playing cricket at Shipton CC for the first time next year, email me at

Jon Woods

December 2019-January 2020

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