Marie Moss

mariemoss1924 – 2019

I used to regularly take Marie to the Day Centre and we would talk with Fred Russell of the old times and what a fulfilled life she had led. Marie was loved by everyone, especially by her large extended family which was very important to her.

Marie was born in London, where she grew up with two sisters and three brothers. Life was not easy and many of her younger years were spent helping to bring up her siblings. Having survived the blitz where they were bombed out twice, the family moved to Rangers Lodge at Leafield. Marie was commissioned to war work at Dehavilland Witney which was a major aircraft repair location. This is where she met her husband Cyril and moved to his family village of Ascott under Wychwood. They started their family of three, Peter, Dennis and Marilyn. As a mother she always had the patience, understanding and love to spend time doing things with them.

Marie adopted Ascott as her home wholeheartedly. Settling in took a while before she was accepted as a full member of the village. It is hard to believe that now, as she was such a loved and valued member of the community. She supported the village, cleaning the church brasses, washing the football team’s shirts (when her husband was manager) and assisting with home help. She was proud to be married to an Ascott Martyr descendant and pleased with the recent formation of an Educational Trust and her daughter Marilyn being a Trustee.

Marie had many friends over the years but two of her closest friends were Rose and Jackie. It was like the female version of Last of the Summer Wine when they got together. Daughter Marilyn who still lives in the village, as does brother Peter, needed tagging devices on them to find out what they were up to with their coffee mornings, pub lunches and bingo at the Paddocks. There was never a dull moment with them around. Marie took every opportunity including a glider flight for her 90th birthday and travelled to Ireland to her son Dennis for a holiday each year.

She looked forward to the Day Centre and meeting up with her friends there. She always spoke so highly of the volunteers who made the day so special and provided such lovely lunches and cakes. Her words of praise went no higher than those for Kathryn who organises and runs the centre – she had reached the status of ‘lovely lady’ and found a special place in her heart.

Marie will be affectionately missed but will always be in all our hearts.

Paul Jackson with the help of Granddaughter Mandy

December 2019-January 2020

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