Good Companions’ farewell

davidandkayIt was David Trollope, who has been involved in so many activities in the Wychwoods since he has lived in Milton, who thought of the idea and its name. Good Companions was the name chosen and perfectly signalled the purpose of the activity he set up in 2012.
It was with heavy hearts that we went into our last Good Companions on November 12th, but David was determined to make it a party and so it turned out to be. The Wychcraft Rock and Pop Choir were as entertaining as ever so the afternoon was a great success.

The monthly meetings he has organised for the elderly since its formation have provided wonderful companionship for its members, with a chance to get together and enjoy a varied programme to stimulate and entertain them.

Its establishment was formulated while David was Chairman of the Wychwoods Day Centre, of which he had been a Trustee for many years. The objective was to broaden its scope to include more participants and offer additional activities on a different day. David relinquished his chairmanship to concentrate on developing Good Companions to ensure its success.

What a success it has been.

It has provided a year-long programme of monthly activities since inception, most of which are based at Milton Village Hall on a Tuesday afternoon. It has given the opportunity for Day Centre members to attend, as well as any elderly local resident who wished to meet up and be entertained for the afternoon, with in some cases, their carers. Its appeal was such that participants were not committed and could turn up, with transport arranged if required, for a really sociable afternoon.

No afternoon was complete without refreshments and this has fallen to David’s lovely wife Kaye to arrange, with tea and delicious cakes being served at the end of proceedings. They are a great team.

Over the years, the activities have been many and varied. Good films, choirs performing, poetry readings, an excellent photographer with his slide show of beautiful photographs. We have had sing alongs and many other musical interludes. There have been delicious Christmas lunches at the Wychwood Golf Club where members could bring friends and family. We have also had fun going on outings to a variety of garden centres, the local pottery and many more.

A big thank you must go to all the volunteers who have supported David and Kaye and helped over the years, whether it be driving, making and serving the tea, setting up and clearing the hall or organising film projection.

It has been a privilege to work alongside David and Kaye, a very kind caring couple; we wish them well in the future.

Sue George

December 2019-January 2020

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