Shipton parish council news

The Deanfield Homes development is progressing well. They have opened a show home and are now actively marketing the properties. We can thank them for the generally tidy and considerate way they have run the building programme. Deanfield have set out on their website the range of houses they offer and the Parish Council will press for priority to be given for the social housing to applicants with a Shipton connection. We will be putting together welcome packs to help our new residents settle in. They will detail all our groups and societies who I know will want to reach out to the new members of our village community.

The collection at the annual carol singing round the tree will go this year to the Shipton Citizens’ Advice service which runs regular sessions at the surgery. This is a discreet and confidential service and so its activities are not widely known. But those who have dealt with the service will know the valuable work it does in Shipton. The carol service is in the usual time and place – 24 December at 7pm on the Green. So do come along, enjoy the singing and dig deep. No foreign coins in the bucket please but 50 Euro notes are going out of fashion and we can help relieve you of those.

Have a peaceful Christmas with seasonal greetings from your Parish Council.

December 2019-January 2020

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