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christmasmanureWhat I want for Christmas is ………..
Christmas is a time to celebrate, eat, drink and gather family together. Those are the things I treasure. At my age I have most of the material things I need. Having said that, some butterfly netting for the brassicas next year is pretty essential but I have the feeling no-one in our family is likely to make it a gift. On the allotment front my wish is for a couple of loads of manure and the dry weather to allow it to be delivered. Currently, that will be my major request to Santa – it may not be granted but, never mind, spring is just around the corner! How about a special tool? Linda’s passion is the greenhouse and her favourite tool is a special curved trowel specifically designed to ease putting compost into pots. I have a posh garden line and while you can use two sticks and a bit of string to the same effect, I enjoy using the Rolls Royce item.

…………. and here comes New Year
New Year is just round the corner. I am less of a fan of New Year than I was in the past; it now seems to be a long night followed by a headache. What I do like is the concept to welcome next year with as much optimism as possible. I do not make promises. When I was a regular gym user I saw how hard they are to keep. The crowded gym in January, the busy gym in February and then back to just seeing the usual suspects in March. If it is not in your nature then it will always be a struggle – my advice if you want to make a promise is to go with something you like and aim to do it better. For me I have tried to minimise my impact on climate change and I think it behoves us all to pay attention, if not for us then for our children. The allotment will play its part – it is the lowest food miles I can manage. There are spare allotments so why not join in and give it a go?

MUWAGA events
The talk on 23 October was ‘A Plantsman’s Paradise –Plant Hunting in Iran’ by Avril Hughes, a fascinating insight into the botany, the country and its people. There is no talk in December but we will aim to enliven the start to the New Year with the Pate, Cheese and Wine evening on 22 January 2020 – how the years fly!. As always events are in Milton Village hall and start at 7:30 pm.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year

Tony Lewis

December 2019-January 2020

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