Readers’ quiz

  1. How did Shipton get its village green?
  2. Which is the oldest property in Milton?
  3. Can you name the two leaders of the Wychwood Guides?
  4. Where was the Wychwood surgery located before Meadow Lane and before its predecessor in Milton High Street?
  5. What was the former use of the green in Shipton?
  6. Mr Rubba, headteacher of Wychwood School, has a very distinctive accent but where does he come from?
  7. Where can the defibrillators be found in Ascott?
  8. In which year was Ascott’s present shop opened?
  9. The tenor bell is the heaviest in the tower of Shipton church; how much does it weigh?
  10. What are the names of the four team houses in the primary school?
  11. Which member of the current royal family had a meal at The Lamb in Shipton in the 1970s?
  12. Which film director has played for Shipton cricket club?
  13. How many Ascott martyrs were there?
  14. What is the name of the company that has been laying broadband cables in our villages recently?
  15. The librarian prior to Marianne was Ruth Gillingham, but who came before her?
  16. How did Harmans Court get its name?
  17. Kate Stacey was our last vicar, but who came before her?
  18. Since which year has the Wild Garden belonged to the community?
  19. How many miles is it from the centre of Shipton to the centre of Chipping Norton?
  20. Can you name the nature reserve that makes up part of Bruern Wood?
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  1. It was a gift from colonel Steadall in memory of his wife
  2. The Green in Shipton Road (formerly Keeper’s Cottage)
  3. Clare Saxby and Alison Faulkner.
  4. It was a lean-to building on the side of Doctor’s House in Church Path, Shipton
  5. There were cottages and allotments on the site of the green.
  6. Canada
  7. Tiddy Hall and the shop
  8. 2003
  9. 14.75 cwt
  10. Merlin, Kestrel, Peregrine and Kite
  11. Princess Anne
  12. Sam Mendes
  13. 16
  14. MKJ/Gigaclear
  15. Beryl Brown
  16. Harmans the butchers was situated on the High Street where Harmans Court ends
  17. Wendy Callan
  18. 2010
  19. 7 miles
  20. Foxholes

October-November 2019