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Both the new housing estates, Deanfield Homes at Shipton and St. Jude’s Meadow in Milton are getting ready for occupation. St. Jude’s Meadow is progressing apace; the show house has been open for a while and the estate is expected to receive its first residents in the autumn. Alongside the private houses, including the infamous thatched ‘cottage’ (!) there will be 32 dwellings belonging to Cottsway housing. Most of these have already been allocated. They will comprise rented and shared ownership properties. The sizeable amount of money available from planning gain should be of considerable benefit to the community but it remains to be seen whether this benefit outweighs fears such as access and traffic.

The Deanfield Homes estate started well after the St. Jude’s development but occupation is expected to begin in 2020, with its mixture of private and rented properties.

October-November 2019