Building on success

cutting the ribbonThe New Beaconsfield Hall was built in 1998 with a supreme effort from the people of the Wychwoods. The villagers used every conceivable form of fund-raising, together with match-funding from the lottery, to raise the amount they needed to construct their new village hall.

At the grand opening a long green ribbon ran around the entire building and everyone who had been involved took part in the ceremony of cutting it.

The hall is now twenty-one years old and has been cared for by dedicated teams of people over the years who have made this the hive of activity and centre of community life that it is.

Many of the current hall committee have been in place for a decade or more and it is time for new blood to join. The hall is such a fine and remarkable facility it needs good people who will make a great success of it. Could this be you?

The hall is home to many special interest groups, it hosts plays, rock bands and sports clubs, dog shows and parties. It is always busy, lively and full-on so it offers anyone running it the chance to network, make friends and shape its future.

Full handovers will take place and mentoring, if required, will be offered to anyone who steps forward. We need to know that those taking on the job will be committed to making the future of New Beaconsfield Hall worthy of its magnificent past and a tribute to all those who helped to build one of the finest village halls in the country.

For more details call Paul Chantry 07826 161312
or email

October-November 2019