Cub Scouts – developing ‘skills for life’

“So can we go faster than the speed of light?”
This was a (not unusual) question raised recently during a wide-ranging conversation by Cub Scouts.

It came about as 1st Wychwoods Cubs were busy hiking across our wonderful local countryside, from Kingham to Milton through Bruern Woods one Sunday afternoon (if you didn’t see us you may well have heard us!) and as usual all sorts of topics enter the discussion as we stop to examine anything from wildlife to different shaped electricity pylons!

Recently The Scout Association updated their branding to emphasize the aim of developing “skills for life”.

And it would be easy to think that all the activities, indoors and out, as well as “creative” evenings and S.T.E.M. projects (look it up) easily fit this new branding. Yes we do all sorts and give everything a go. Children aged between eight and eleven will try anything with a limitless amount of curiosity, energy and optimism. And that’s the point. All sorts of ideas for activities are raised by the Cubs and their leaders and the prevailing attitude is – “let’s give it a go”!

It’s perhaps no surprise that all but one of the twelve humans that have walked on the moon were former Scouts, some of whom will have started their astronaut training – to “give it a go”- before it was even deemed possible to land on the moon.

Towards the end of the hike, some of the Cubs were flagging. Perhaps the leaders had underestimated the effort required for the route we had planned. Encouragement was offered, rests were taken and teeth were gritted.
And suddenly we were at the finish location and parents were waiting with smiles and words of praise. Some of the Cubs had answered their own questions that day. And next time doubts arise (perhaps, many years later) some encouraging words will come into their minds – “let’s give it a go” That’s really what “skills for life” is.

Recently Cubs had a photography competition and we are delighted that the Wychwood Magazine has offered to highlight some of their favourite entries. We hope you enjoy them (below) and if you would like further information on 1st Wychwoods Scout Group, please visit our website at

Jonathan Ayres

October-November 2019