Woods and limbs at risk

The Bruern estate is suffering heavily from Ash Dieback, sometimes known as Cholera ash dieback, so much so that it looks as though we shall have to cut down every ash tree. It is quite easy to spot in young and coppiced ash trees but it takes longer to kill older trees.

The main problem we are finding with the more established ash trees is that they can suddenly fall in a strong wind and they don’t always fall in the obvious direction. Unfortunately this has made walking in Bruern woods unsafe and we have reluctantly decided that we shall have to withdraw all permits from 1st October 2019 until we have felled the larger trees. Once we have completed the felling we will put up a notice on the board outside the Milton Co-op inviting local residents to reapply for permits. This will also give us an opportunity to sort out the permits which need to be limited to real locals and to people who keep their dogs on leads.

David Astor

October-November 2019