Milton Parish news

Ash die-back is affecting us badly in the area (you may have heard that the Bruern Estate woods are being closed) and we have had to pay for two trees to be felled due to fungal infection. The charity known as the Fuel Allotments now has a new name – The Milton Allotments and Recreation Charity. The Milton Volunteers have been busy and cleared Lancut and made the bridge easier to manage. Our plans for a new stile ran into difficulties with the OCC but at least now it should be dog-friendly. The Council has also been asked to allow the Cottsway houses on St Judes to be occupied ahead of the road completion programme. This seems to make sense considering the urgent need for affordable housing in the area. The bids have come in for the use of the £120,000 windfall from the St Judes houses. Bids far outstrip the funds available so the Council will have to consider each carefully on its merits. We will not be seeing any of this money until later in the year but we do hope to inform successful bidders by October. We are still seeing some damage to equipment on the Green so please keep your eyes peeled and dial 101 if you see anything untoward.

October-November 2019