Community concerns

We make no apologies for raising the following issues again, resulting from further acts of indiscipline by a small minority in the Wychwoods, affecting both Shipton and Milton communities, resulting in a real blot on the landscape of the delightful area in which we live. We should not allow a minority to spoil things for the majority.

We are referring to DOG FOULING on public footpaths, verges and village greens, at best an unpleasant nuisance, at worst, a real health hazard.

SPEEDING – endangering the well-being of children, adults and pets. Speedwatch has been introduced primarily to bring about speed awareness and that the speed limits should be adhered to for safety reasons.

DRUG TAKING/DEALING – the future of our children as young as twelve years of age is affected. We need to focus on the activities of the dealers and be on the lookout for young people whose habits change quite suddenly due to possible involvement in ‘county lines.’

INCREASED INSTANCES OF WANTON VANDALISM -for instance, setting fire to the tennis courts at Milton, throwing chickens into the hedge at Milton allotments and smashing all the coffee cups, kettle and coffee making machine in Shipton church.

BLOCKING OF PAVEMENTS – our pavements are a highway for all residents but for those who are infirm or who are pushing buggies, clear passage is essential; they should not need to step out into the road when obstacles are met so please keep pavements free from parked cars and overhanging shrubbery.

We can play a big part in addressing these issues by acting as the ears and eyes of the communities and report in as much detail as possible so that any appropriate action can be taken. As far as speeding and drug activities and vandalism are concerned, inform the police on 101 or, in life threatening incidents, 999. In the case of dog-fouling, details should be directed to the Environmental Enforcement Officer at WODC. Tel. 01993 861382. It is up to everyone, responsible dog owners included, to report all incidents in an attempt to eliminate this health hazard.
The police and environmental officers can then use their limited resources more effectively.

A big thank you to all those residents who have responded to this appeal. Please continue to do so.
Thank you for your support.

Mini NAG
(Neighbourhood Action Group)

October-November 2019