The things we miss

Past issues of The Wychwood Magazine have carried lists of the things that we miss; everything from Spangles to Top of the Pops.  That was supposed to be the lot but readers keep suggesting further items, not necessarily items that aren’t available anymore but ones that have largely disappeared off the radar.  So, here is a further list, proving that although ‘nostalgia ain’t what it used to be’ it certainly still has its adherents.

  • Kunzle cakes
  • Brylcream
  • Lyons individual fruit pies, famous for dribbling juice down your chin
  • Eau de Cologne
  • Redex in the petrol tank, one penny a shot
  • Five bob a gallon for petrol
  • Plimsolls/pumps
  • Car indicators that flicked out from behind the driver’s and passenger’s seat
  • Home deliveries of anything from coal to bread to Corona
  • The rag and bone man
  • Football rattles
  • The Hillman Imp
  • Tiny spirals of caps for toy guns
  • Senior Service
  • Blancmange

August-September 2019